Paperchase – Mystic Rose Collection


As much as I could spend days browsing around a Paperchase store, I am not particularly fond of their own collections. In general I think they’re marketed for a younger clientele, which is somewhat borne out by the supremely affordable price tags.

But there was something about the Mystic Rose range that grabbed my attention. Beautiful but eerie at the same time.

The notebooks were too stunning to pass up.


I also bought the A5 and personal sized organisers


The inserts are decorative but undated, a near perfect combination


I’ll be doing a full review of the organisers at a later date.

I also bought a couple of non-stationery items including the shopping totes (essential now we’re getting charged for carrier bags) and some bath melts which are almost too pretty to use.


I know Paperchase are continuing to bring out new collections and I’ll keep open a little more than before now.

Have you bought anything from the Paperchase ranges?


Another sticker haul

I recently went on another sticker buying spree.

I don’t usually decorate in my planner besides a weekend banner and a strip of washi but recently I’ve been hankering for an more cohesive feel to my layouts. Luckily so many Etsy offer theme packs.IMG_0119 From EllieBethDesigns I bought the October and November Delux monthly kits and the Watermelon Delux Kit. These kits come with a household sampler pack but now I have them I don’t really understand why certain icons are in the quantities given. This is a monthly pack so how many people only clean or go shopping twice a month and why are there 3 beds?


I also bought the Blue Bokeh decorative and weekly kits and some more rainbow checklist stickers. As always the quality of the stickers, the cut and the colour vibrancy is excellent. There are more choices for the sticker paper including glossy and matt vinyl. I will probably buy more themed kits in future.

I wanted to buy some decorative weekend banner stickers and I couldn’t resist these from Oodlema Doodles. I also bought the ombre checklists which I haven’t used yet. The autumn leaves were a sampler set but very lovely. The quality is excellent, it’s definitely a store I’ll keep on my radar.

IMG_0118Still on the hunt for layout themes, I bought the Fall and Marble weekly kits from Djoisch Design. The sticker quality is good.

IMG_0123Also from Djoisch Designs I was feeling a bit adventurous so I decided to buy the October Mystery Box which is €15.99 plus shipping.

IMG_0120 IMG_0113The theme was superheros and, although I enjoy using stickers, I’m not actually 5 so I gave these to my daughter. For me, this a complete waste of money and I’m slightly put off buying mystery packs again. I don’t anticipate placing another order with this store.

I was surprised to see some Australian stores were offering fair priced stickers with incredibly reasonable shipping to the UK.

The order I placed with Lime & Mortar arrived within a week, which was a welcome surprise.

IMG_0122In real life the colours are probably more muted than they’re appearing in the photo but the cut is excellent, particularly round the lotus flowers. I will probably place an order for some mini icons and perhaps the monthly kits.

I also ordered from MadeByElissa. I was possibly tempted to order purely because she offered silhoutte machine icons. I found the heart checklists are the right spacing for the lined Plum Paper Planners which is a bonus.

IMG_0115Unfortunately the stickers aren’t removable which is the only thing that has me hesitating to reorder.

I keep telling myself I don’t need more stickers but I still manage to have a sizeable quantity waiting in my Etsy basket at any one time. There are so many stores now it’s hard to know who to order from.

One thing I have noticed is a lot of Etsy store owners send their stickers to YouTubers for ‘free’ publicity. I can understand this and when they’re sent to long-standing members of the planner community then I can respect their reviews. However a lot seem to be sent to beauty or lifestylye YouTubers who have large followings and just happen to dabble in planners. My irrational opinion is I’m not going to buy from these Etsy stores. When they’re so many to choose from I’d rather support those who display some integrity. Anybody else make buying decisions on a similar basis?

Happy Paper Club from the Green Gables

I found a new stationery subscription service, Happy Paper Club from the Green Gables. The Happy Paper Club is more about paper products – so not stationery such as paperclips and post-its.

As a complete paper addict, environmental issues have always made me feel slightly guilty so I was really pleased to see the Green Gables is an eco-friendly company.

In July’s box I received

  • a shopping list note pad
  • a sheet of wrapping paper


  • two greeting cards


  • a sheet of temporary tattoos, and
  • an inspirational mini-print

IMG_0130I’m also sharing a few of the items I received in June’s box.

IMG_0133 IMG_0127There is something about the design of these products that really appeals to me. I think it’s worth checking out the shop to see if it suits your tastes.

I’m on the rolling subscription which costs £10 per month and I’m definitely looking forward to future months.






Me and My Big Ideas Haul

IMG_1608Me and My Big Ideas ‘The Happy Planner combines the size and layout of the Erin Condren Life Planner with the flexibility of an ARC system, allowing pages to be removed and added. I’m going to do a separate review on the planners themselves on my other blog but I wanted to share the other bits & bobs I bought.

I placed an order directly with MAMBI and paid ridiculous shipping because apparently I’m a fool. I found out the day after my order shipped that online scrapbook stores in the UK and EU also stock The Happy Planner and MAMBI accessories, even Amazon. You may have to wait for stock but it beats paying custom charges.


First the Inspiration Cards – 24 cards with inspirational sayings such as “I am happy”. I bought The Happy Planner to use as my scrapbook journal so these will probably work really well.


I also bought the To Do Stickers – Bright and Don’t Forget. Beautiful vibrant stickers, not much more to be said since I haven’t used them yet.


I decided to buy two planners because the monthly overview is different. I wanted the Good Things planner (top) because I thought the ‘currently’ list with reading, planning, loving etc would really complement my journaling. However I also bought the My Life planner in case I preferred the alternative overview, intending to give the spare to my daughter.


I also bought some accessories from Scrobby – the Sticky notes, extender discs, two notepads and additional notepaper. I ended up buying the Gift planner because my daughter didn’t like my two choices.

So now I have a spare Happy Planner which I’m probably going to giveaway on my other blog sometime this month. If you’re based in the UK you may want to check that out.



Sticker Haul – Etsy and Facebook

IMG_1586Since I got my Silhouette Portrait for Christmas I’ve felt buying stickers, rather than making my own, was a bit indulgent. However I decided to have a real sticker splurge towards the end of April.

I ordered from 5 different Etsy stores and one Facebook shop. I’d like to buy from UK/EU sellers rather than the US but I find any savings in postage can often be offset by the more expensive cost of the stickers themselves, perhaps because of the higher cost of materials here.


First up Oh Hello Stationery. I remember watching the store owner’s Youtube video (although I’ve forgotten her channel name) and thought her stickers looked like they were good quality.

IMG_1589And I was right, they are very good quality, the colours are vibrant and the cut is precise. Unfortunately because they were posted in a standard envelope the To Do List stickers did get bent but the store owner replaced them, so good customer service. Postage to UK started at around £2 and I would order again.


I also bought from Planner Frenzy because the store gave a lot of stickers on the sheet for the price.


I bought the June, July and August Erin Condren co-ordinating sets and some nail polish stickers. The cut was off with the nail polish stickers but the store owner sent me replacements, so good customer service. Unfortunately I later discovered (in June when I came to use them) that the cut is off for some of the functional stickers as well. I think there may be some quality control issues to resolve and coupled with the relatively high cost of postage (just under £5) I wouldn’t place another order.


Finally from the US I ordered from Stickers Washi and More. Now I’ll be honest and admit the only reason I ordered was because the store had a 50% discount at the time.


I think the stickers are quite expensive for the paper quality and amount you get but the artwork is lovely and with a discount it does become very good value too. Postage to the UK starts at £2.26. I would order again, with another discount code.


I ordered from Daria is the Reason 4 which is now DreamBig and Plan.

IMG_1596The store offers a large number of stickers for the price which makes it good value. The colours were a little more muted than I expected and one of the reasons I buy stickers is because my printer doesn’t print in high quality. Some of the cuts were also a little jagged. However the new store seems to have improved quality and with postage starting at £1 in the UK (from £2 to the US) I may order more.


Lastly from Etsy I bought from EllieBeth Designs UK.


I was attracted by the vibrant colours and the reasonable amount of stickers for the price, although I do think the monthly kits are on the pricey side. I particularly like the rainbow checklist stickers because they give a gap between the check circles so you can use more than one line per task. Postage in the UK starts at 90p and to the US from £3.40. The stickers are good quality with a precise cut and I believe more options on the paper quality are being introduced. If I didn’t have a sticker maker I would definitely buy from here again.


A reason I avoid buying stickers from Etsy stores is I feel I could make the majority of stickers myself with similar icons from This is not the case from my last purchase, the Plump Planner on Facebook, a store I know I will differently reorder from.

Plump PlannerThe stickers can come in different sizes so for example, you can get up to 112 10mm stickers per sheet. (I think it’s currently £1.50 per sheet). There are hundreds of icons to choose from and you can mix and match which icons you want on a sheet. I like the original designs and there is definitely the cuteness factor. The sticker quality is good. The only down side is specifying which icon you want – which you have to do by name, for example flea/dog. Having an identifier, even something as simple as a number, for each icon would help in the ordering process, I think. However the owner is very approachable and incredibly helpful. I’m not sure whether she posts outside the UK though.


So that’s my mega sticker haul. It’s been hard to go back to my Silhouette but my daughter wants some stickers and I’ll be upgrading my printer soon so hopefully my quality will improve too – although they’ll never be good enough to sell, don’t worry.

Brimbles Box – February A5 Planner Box

When I heard Linky’s Dream was stopping her stationery subscription boxes I knew I’d have to find something to fill the void. Mrs Brimbles stepped into the breach.

The Brimbles Box comes as a monthly subscription for £15+p&p each month or you can buy a one-off box for £18+p&p. I decided to go for the one-off option. The Brimbles box also offers options depending on whether you want planner items or simply stationery.


I received a largish box and this was loose inside. Luckily none of the items were particularly fragile but I wasn’t impressed with the packaging.

Inside the paper


were 8 items. Obviously since this was the February box it was Valentine’s themed.MrsBrmSo I got

  • a pink pen with pink ink
  • macron pencil erasers
  • sticky notes
  • some stickers
  • love washi
  • heart shaped corrector tape
  • snoopy planner charm
  • a dashboard

I understand that all the Brimbles Boxes contain the same items although there may be variations in the style of dashboard.

Cute items but nothing too exciting.

The website says the RRP for the box is £22.48. If you chose the stationery box instead of the planner box the RRP is £19.98. With postage my box was £21.95 so obviously we aren’t talking about a great value for money box. Of course you would make some savings if you bought the monthly subscription but not enough in my opinion.

Out of the 8 items I received only 1 was something I would have bought myself, although stickers and sticky notes are always good to add to the collection. Based on this experience I definitely don’t intend to join the monthly subscription. I may keep my eye on the boxes as the contents are revealed to see whether having the ‘curated’ items would be worth it, but otherwise I’ll be giving the Brimbles Box a miss.

So still searching for subscription boxes…

Linky’s stationery subscription Box – October 2014

I’m excited to share my October Linkys box and this one doesn’t disappoint.

IMG_0985 IMG_0986








The boxes always come beautifully packaged and filled to the brim.









Loose in the box was some washi, note papers, a butterful hole punch and lots of bits and bobs including sweets.

Then as usual there were 5 wrapped parcels.
















I love the elephant pencil case! I’ve just joined a penpal project so the writing paper will come in handy. I love getting good quality pens and the notebook is beautiful but I may gift this as a stocking stuffer because I have so many.

I can’t wait to receive my November box.

US stationery haul

I challenge any British stationery addict to go on holiday to a major American city and not buy any stationery. At the earliest stages of planning I had already worked out where the nearest Target, Michaels, JoAnns, Staples and Hobby Lobby were to our hotel.

And I bought a suitcase full.

Pens from Target
Staples haul
Project Life on sale at Hobby Lobby
Martha Stewart range – on sale at Staples
Cosmetic cases from Target

I love sales and coupons and no VAT.

When we asked my daughter what she was looking forward to most about going to LA she answered ‘buying supplies from Michaels’. Like mother…