Plannercon Europe Haul

I bought my ticket for Plannercon Europe the day they went on sale (apparently I was the 17th person). From that day in April I’ve been saving funds knowing full well I would be splurging on all manner of goodness at the event. Luckily I was travelling by Eurostar so was limited only by my physical strength.


Carpe Diem – personal planner, post its, bookmarks and stickers

Leuchturm – two dot grid notebooks with names embossed for free

Erin Condren – large hardbound planner, coiled horizontal planner and accessories pouch

Gillio unveiled their new products at the event and I couldn’t resist their undyed range so I bought the A5 undyed appunto. I can’t wait to see how this patinas over the coming months.


Technically, not at Plannercon, but I did place a custom order with Van Der Spek for a Standard with 30mm rings in Forest Croco with Acacia insides, which I collected from their booth.


This is so much more stunning in real life than these photos do it justice. As a surprise gift Van Der Spek gave me a matching pen case which was incredibly generous of them and had me standing in such stunned silence I can’t even remember if I thanked them. So thank you Van Der Spek.

They also gave us a 15% discount coupon which I used to buy an A5 Touch Me in Grey Blue. I just love the ring size and feel of this – like a mature Malden.

I also couldn’t resist this Gillio medium Compagna in Yale Blue and I chose Gold Rings to match that gorgeous inside leather.

Finally, I have been a huge fan of the Filofax notebooks since we received one in our goodie bags at Plansterdam last year. I have since bought a couple and I use an A4 notebook for work. I was delighted to receive another A5 in our goodie bag this year but that didn’t stop me picking a couple more up at the Filofax booth.

I also bought the A4 folio cover in The Original Dark Aqua leather. I thought I’d use it for work. I plan to do a separate post about the Filofax Notebooks before the end of the year.

I did buy from all the Etsy sellers but started using all that loveliness before it occurred to me to take photos.

Obviously we were also throughly spoiled by the generosity of contributors to our goodie bags. There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you want to see what we got.

If you’d like me to write a post on my Plannercon Europe experience let me know.

Planner Set Up for 2017

We’re already in the second half of February and my planner set up still remains undecided. 

To be fair I didn’t really start thinking about my planner set up until mid January. After more than 3 years as a lady of leisure I started back at work a month ago and adjustments would inevitably need to be made. 

We also moved to Family Sharing on iCal so having a separate family calendar no longer seems necessary. Of course the paper planner in me worries about what would happen if the system crashed and we lost the information, but the other part of me thinks that would be a great excuse not to do something, plus I tend to remember important events even if I don’t remember exact times.

So ultimately I needed (or wanted) a planner to note events/appointments specifically involving me and to list my tasks. But then I thought about routines and projects and meal plans and studying and blog planning and garden planning and books read and films watched and money spent and the list grew longer. 

Obviously the idea of using a Filofax came up. I haven’t used a Filofax as my main planner for any length of time since I discovered Erin Condren Life Planners but I knew the Erin Condren wouldn’t be able to contain all the information I need. The ability to add sections and set up my planner my way seems essential.

Whenever I think about using a Filofax as my main planner I instinctively return to DIYfish Inserts. I have tried other printables but they never work as well for me. There’s so much choice with DIYfish and her print and cut instructions are so clear they’re easy to use. After trialling a lot of styles, I decided to go back to my old favourite, version 2.2.

The only problem is, I can’t decide which size. I like A6 but I couldn’t fit much more than the planning inserts in my Gillio so I’d need a second planner of some sort to hold the rest. Surprisingly I’m drawn to using a personal sized planner because the do1p style layout gives me ample writing real estate; the drawback is my appointment or Half box labels aren’t the right size so they would immediately be wasted (or look awful on the page). It seems like an A5 would be the best option but I find I’m just not reaching for it.

So I still don’t have my planner set up for 2017. For home, that is. My work planner set up is fully functional.

New Additions

Last month I added to my collection.

First off a Smythson and Mulberry. These were both being sold on a Facebook group and husband was very generous and bought them for my Valentine’s gift.

IMG_1438The Smythson is very stiff but the colour stops it being too formal. The Mulberry is beautiful to hold. The only thing that puts me off using it is the rings are spaced like a personal Filofax rather than an A5 so I couldn’t transfer papers easily.

At the same time I also got this gorgeous Gillio Compagna in the A5 size. This is the epoca in purple and cream.


I do have some Gillios but they’re in the personal size and I’ve dreamt of having an A5 compagna in purple epoca, so I was overjoyed when this was being offered in the Facebook group. I’ve moved into it straight away, yes my Finchleys have been bumped from my number one spot.

And speaking of Finchleys, I haven’t really been actively searching to complete my collection recently but, when I did decide to check Ebay on the off-chance, these two popped up.


I can’t believe I found the personal teal Finchley at a reasonable price. I also can’t believe they didn’t make the teal in A5 size. What a loss!

At the same time the teal Finchley was on sale there was a personal in vintage rose but it was already over how much I’d be prepared to pay for a Finchley, let alone one in vintage rose, so I let it pass. Then the next day I popped back on and saw the pocket vintage rose. It was at a low amount with 5 days to go so I decided to bid. At that point I realised the low amount was a Buy it Now price. Nice!

So now I’m looking for a mustard personal Finchley. Once I’ve bought that I’ll call off the search and have an unfinished collection. However, if in the meantime, a personal and mini vintage rose are to be had for a reasonable price I won’t say no. The race is on!

Filofax Collection: non-A5s

I prefer the A5 size Filofax but I do have a few¬† organisers that aren’t A5-size.

Starting off with some Filos that have been in my collection for a while.


I have the mini Belgravia, Deskfax Kent and A4 Hampshire. I used the A4 for work and it’s certainly seen better days, but I absolutely plan to use it again when I return to work.


For personal-size Filofax organisers I have a purple Saffiano, black Knightsbridge, 2012 organiser, ruby Deco, ochre Malden, brown Kendal and brown Original.

Finally I have my non-Filofax brand organisers


starting with my oldest organiser which is from the London Organiser Company. I then have a zipped Kate Spade, Gillio Compagnas in grey and aqua and a Gillio Mia Cara in Brown.

To be honest I’m not using a personal-sized organiser at all at the moment so I need to think about rehoming some of these. But planning needs change so there’s always a chance I could use them in the future, right?