Too many planners

The problem with planning nowadays is there are too many options.

Sometimes my soul yearns for the simpler times when our only choices were either some type of Filofax or we could buy a standard diary from a Woolworths type shop.

Now we have planners rather than diaries – bound or spiral or looseleaf.  It seems like every other Kickstarter campaign is for a planner. And the number of inserts that are available? I laugh at my younger self actually using the inserts that came with the Filofax. But as well as your Filofaxes and your Franklin Coveys and your Paperchase, there are so many Etsy stores that sell printables or printed inserts. Desktop publishing has a lot to answer for.

But with greater choice comes greater procrastination. I spend so much time looking at different planners and trialling different inserts. I repeat information in several planners just to test what it looks like with different layouts. I admit there are other things I could be doing with my time. Each time I change my Filofax binder or Erin Condren inerchangeable cover or swap out the dashboards I’m taking some time away from doing things that are actually productive. The joke is we spend so much time planning or planning out our planners we don’t actually DO anything.

How much of this is true? Are there really people who don’t get anything done because of their planners? Wouldn’t these people be the type who wouldn’t get things done anyway? If someone is actually using their planners primarily for planning does it really get in the way of doing?

I don’t miss appointments or events and if a task has a deadline it gets done. So what if I change my planners with the seasons or try a different planner every week. It’s one of my hobbies. My planner addiction really doesn’t stop me getting things done.

But it would be easier with fewer options.

Sticker Haul – weekly kits

I haven’t really bought weekly sticker kits off Etsy for a while. I was never convinced they would be value for money because my planning style is more functional rather than decorative. I don’t do no white space planning and I also hate the “Little Things” headers (or variations thereof) because the idea of tracking little things is the antithesis of productive planning.

But there are so many Etsy sticker shops now and I wanted to see what kind of variety was available in the content of the weekly kits.

Oh Hello Stationery – they have quite a few options. The price is probably on the higher side for a full kit but shipping to the UK is reasonable. I bought the Watercolor Floral kit. My first impressions are positive. The stickers are very vibrant and you get a lot in the kit



The Glam Planner – I wouldn’t usually buy from Glam Planner because the kits are expensive for readily available clip art and shipping to the UK is very high. But I received a 40% off coupon from Plansterdam and I was curious to see whether they were generally worth the money.

I bought the Nights Dream Kit and the Tropical Kit. The colours are very vibrant and the sticker paper is good quality. I’m not sure how practical I’ll find the kit and I’m slightly baffled by the number of TV icons. I’m not convinced I would ever buy these at full price.



FreyaBow – Now these kits are very reasonaly priced at £6.50 for the set. I bought the Retro Bird Spring, Summer Rose and Watercolour Mandala collections. I would say in real life the colours are more muted than on the site; my photos are more accurate of the colour. I like that the kit comes with different sized boxes since I use these to time block. I don’t track my water but my first impression is that these kits would be good for functional planning.




IsabelletheOwl – I do really like the clipart and digital papers IsabelletheOwl uses. I bought English Floral in glossy and Secret Garden, Fly Away with Me and Shake Your Tail Feathers in matte. In general these kits are decent value at around £7 for the full kit. Shake Your Tail Feathers was an XL kit for £8.50.

My first impression was one of disappointment. I’m not sure what it was. I know this isn’t a functional kit but it isn’t really a fully decorative either. I just feel like there’s something missing. I also don’t like that there are only 4 checklists and 4 checkboxes so if you use 7 To Do list you’ll have to mix.



PlanningPoodle – These are also reasonaly priced weekly kits at £6. I bought Cactus Brights, Copper Gems and Classy. These seem like comprehesnive kits. I like that date covers are included. The stickers may not be on the best quality paper but for £6 I think they’re fine.

IMG_2266 IMG_2268 IMG_2264


However the proof of the stickers is in the using so I’ll post fuller reviews once I’ve tried planning with these kits.