Being Busy?

Most of my days are really busy with a packed schedule. Take this day in January for example – I woke up and did my morning routine which consists of getting up to date on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and getting ready for the day. This took about an hour. I then had sheduled in time to catch up on my TV shows and Netflix which took around 4 hours. After that I scheduled an hour for a leisurely lunch and some more YouTube. Then it was a crazy afternoon.

In fact here’s a picture of my schedule.


As you can see there was, like, only an hour of my day unaccounted for.

Okay so I know this isn’t actually a busy day. I know you can have a full to do list and even schedule out every second of your day and not really be busy. But then I’ve never been one of those people who think being busy is some kind of accomplishment.

In the working world it seems that being busy is an indication of how important you are. But stay at home parents and homemakers often complain they have no time and that they’re busy, as if it’s something to be proud of. To be honest, people who complain about being busy all the time because of the NUMBER of tasks they have to do are probably indicating to me how ineffective they are at prioritising, or worse, how inefficient they are.

Obviously there are times when people are genuinely busy. A person who holds down two jobs while studying and being a single parent can claim to be busy. But on a smaller scale, if you have two events at the same time then you can’t attend one of them because you’re already busy. The same is true if you have an urgent deadline on one task so you’re busy and can’t go to a meeting or work on another task at that time. But these are examples of time constrained busy-ness.

Always having something to do or having somewhere to go doesn’t mean someone’s a busy person. More importantly, it doesn’t mean they’re a useful or productive person.

A change of mindset is needed where people stop thinking being busy is something to boast about. Don’t be busy, be productive.