Another sticker haul

I recently went on another sticker buying spree.

I don’t usually decorate in my planner besides a weekend banner and a strip of washi but recently I’ve been hankering for an more cohesive feel to my layouts. Luckily so many Etsy offer theme packs.IMG_0119 From EllieBethDesigns I bought the October and November Delux monthly kits and the Watermelon Delux Kit. These kits come with a household sampler pack but now I have them I don’t really understand why certain icons are in the quantities given. This is a monthly pack so how many people only clean or go shopping twice a month and why are there 3 beds?


I also bought the Blue Bokeh decorative and weekly kits and some more rainbow checklist stickers. As always the quality of the stickers, the cut and the colour vibrancy is excellent. There are more choices for the sticker paper including glossy and matt vinyl. I will probably buy more themed kits in future.

I wanted to buy some decorative weekend banner stickers and I couldn’t resist these from Oodlema Doodles. I also bought the ombre checklists which I haven’t used yet. The autumn leaves were a sampler set but very lovely. The quality is excellent, it’s definitely a store I’ll keep on my radar.

IMG_0118Still on the hunt for layout themes, I bought the Fall and Marble weekly kits from Djoisch Design. The sticker quality is good.

IMG_0123Also from Djoisch Designs I was feeling a bit adventurous so I decided to buy the October Mystery Box which is €15.99 plus shipping.

IMG_0120 IMG_0113The theme was superheros and, although I enjoy using stickers, I’m not actually 5 so I gave these to my daughter. For me, this a complete waste of money and I’m slightly put off buying mystery packs again. I don’t anticipate placing another order with this store.

I was surprised to see some Australian stores were offering fair priced stickers with incredibly reasonable shipping to the UK.

The order I placed with Lime & Mortar arrived within a week, which was a welcome surprise.

IMG_0122In real life the colours are probably more muted than they’re appearing in the photo but the cut is excellent, particularly round the lotus flowers. I will probably place an order for some mini icons and perhaps the monthly kits.

I also ordered from MadeByElissa. I was possibly tempted to order purely because she offered silhoutte machine icons. I found the heart checklists are the right spacing for the lined Plum Paper Planners which is a bonus.

IMG_0115Unfortunately the stickers aren’t removable which is the only thing that has me hesitating to reorder.

I keep telling myself I don’t need more stickers but I still manage to have a sizeable quantity waiting in my Etsy basket at any one time. There are so many stores now it’s hard to know who to order from.

One thing I have noticed is a lot of Etsy store owners send their stickers to YouTubers for ‘free’ publicity. I can understand this and when they’re sent to long-standing members of the planner community then I can respect their reviews. However a lot seem to be sent to beauty or lifestylye YouTubers who have large followings and just happen to dabble in planners. My irrational opinion is I’m not going to buy from these Etsy stores. When they’re so many to choose from I’d rather support those who display some integrity. Anybody else make buying decisions on a similar basis?

Brimbles Box – October A5 Planner

Last time I bought a Brimble’s Box I was rather underwhelmed but I thought I’d try it again now it’s been running for a while. There are a choice of boxes and you can buy a one-off box for £18 plus p&p or a monthly subsciption for £15 plus p&p. I chose the A5 Planner Box and October’s followed a Halloween theme. I received 7 items in my box.

IMG_0629First off I had washi, stickers and Project Life cards. It was nice to have 2 full rolls of washi. I don’t really like ‘puffy’ stickers in my planner as they make it difficult to write on following pages and I have to say I don’t consider Project Life cards as true planner accessories. For me, since they’re intended for scrapbooking or journalling, it’s a more decorative touch. However these cards probably made up the value of the box.


I love the paperclip. The pen is also very cute but doesn’t write very well. I like the dashboard but you get a dashboard each month and I just don’t change my setup enough to have a need for this. I certainly wouldn’t change it solely for Halloween.

With p&p the box cost £21.95. Looking at the items all together, apart from the dashboard, none of the items are particularly oriented towards planners so I don’t feel it’s really worth the price. I won’t be signing up for a monthly subscription at the moment but it’s definitely one I’ll keep my eye on.IMG_0628

Those who plan – evolution of communities

Sometimes I think the world can be divided into two kinds of people – those who use a paper planner and those who don’t. Maybe 10 years ago the division would have been between those who planned and those who didn’t, but it seems electronic tools changed the dividing line.

I fall firmly into the category of people who use a paper planner so obviously my perceptions will be clouded by that. But it seems to me the paper planner users are always on the defensive because the other group have somehow taken the higher ground. Apparently in this modern world, people who still use paper must be out of date and inefficient; if you need to plan at least use an electronic device; but obviously the highest form of efficiency is not to need any kind of planner at all but have it all in your mind.

I can use an electronic calendar and I see the benefits of being able to share calendars with family or colleagues. My main issue with them is trusting data entry. I can even use electronic means to do a brain dump. If I’m simply trying to get all thoughts out of my head then any notes or word processing app will do. In fact people call me a gadget geek so they find it doubly strange that I choose paper planners over electronic means. But something about the act of writing consolidates things in my mind. I can get a sense of security when I’ve written something down which I’ve never had from typing it out.

Yet within the paper planner community, over the last few years a new division has arisen. Between those who decorate and those who don’t. And those who don’t decorate seem to feel the higher ground is theirs because planners are functional not for decoration; if you have time to decorate, you’re not busy enough to need a planner; and there are a large number of housewives and W/SAHMs who decorate so it must be a bored woman’s play tool.

The simple fact is the scrapbook and journalling communities have meshed with the planner communities and a new type of planning has emerged.

Perhaps it’s a matter of terminology – people who write about events that already happened aren’t planning they’re recording. But using a planner to keep wish lists and even contact details isn’t really planning – it’s storing.

Our eyes have been opened to the world of creative planning, which in its truest sense blends function and form to enhance functionality. For me it’s a wonderful opportunity to use both the left and right sides of my brain together in a simple planning session.

Yes, I get frustrated by the endless plan with me videos which show decorative layouts but no functional planning and there are many things about decorating planners that confuse me, such as why pay $50 for something you’re covering every inch of? But the answer’s probably as obvious to those people as the answer to ‘why do you need so many planners?’ is to me.