Time Management Basics – Schedule Your Time

I’m the first to admit I’ve murdered time a lot, particularly over the last few years. (I suppose I should feel grateful he’s still talking to me and I’ve not been punished with an endless tea party.)

Recently I’ve been wasting a lot of time reading books, watching videos and generally immersing myself in all things to do with productivity and time management. I’ve always been a great believer in working smarter not harder, which is born from my innate laziness but luckily translated to efficiency in the work place. I used to get overwhelmed purely because I chose to juggle too many balls, but I was fairly realistic about the time I had available; just unrealistic about I wanted to use that time for.

Anyway I decided to put all my ‘research’ to some use and I’ve started a time management/productivity series on my YouTube channel My Kind of Organised.

I start with a video about scheduling time. It’s really an exercise in being realistic about how we spend our time. People seem to think being busy is a sign of their worth. As if being busy is the same as being productive or efficient or even happy. The reality is, for a lot of people we have a choice over how we spend our time. We may have activities or tasks to fill up every waking moment but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for other activities – it just means we choose to prioritise our time differently.

Here’s my favourite example, and it comes from the planner community I love. I often see Facebook comments or even YouTube videos where the person says they wish they had time to decorate their planners, they’re just too busy. Frankly, if they have time to log on Facebook and make a comment about decorating, they have time to slap some washi and a couple of stickers on a piece of paper. However they choose to do something else with that time e.g. spend it on social media instead. And that’s a perfectly acceptable use of their time.

We tend to think time is in short supply because we value all our activities with the same level of importance, whether it’s going to work, spending time with family, taking a bath or being a content creator. In this video I suggest we look at the activities that form our week and prioritise them. I talk about ‘tiers’ as a way of framing priorities. I use outsourcing as a way of thinking about discretionary time even though I completely appreciate there are many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to outsource an activitiy such as caring for children. You could simply ask “could I realistically being doing something else with my time at this moment” but that doesn’t necessarily create levels of priority.

Here’s the weekly layout I use, in case you’re too busy to make your own

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 20.27.02Weekly Schedule

Studio Calico August Planner Kit

I used to subscribe to the Studio Calico Project Life kit and their Scrapbooking kit but I was building up too large a stock pile so I cancelled them recently. I did like the quality and variety of the contents so I was intrigued when they introduced their Planner kit subscription.

The planner kit follows the same monthly theme as the main kits so August’s kit was Pop Art. The kit comes in a mesh pouch which I really like.

IMG_0191Inside the pouch



  • Gold Lined Washi Tape
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Stamp Set
  • Quote Bubble Stickers



  • Gold Alphabet Stickers
  • To Do List Sticky Note Pad
  • Divider Page
  • Gold Charm
  • Hair grip/Bobby Pin

I think the second picture suggests these kits would be aimed at the more decorative planner people than the functional planners, there’s definitely a scrapbooking feel to the kit. I don’t understand the hair grip though.

Shipping to the UK is around $3 and the subscriptions range from $19.99 to £24.99 each month. I’m not convinced they’re worth that much but since I appear to have signed up to a 6 month subscription I guess i’ll be receiving one for the next few months.

In case you’re interested, July was a Fairground theme and this is what came in the pouch


I have a referral link. I have no idea what it gets someone who uses it or what it gives me but here it is anyway. http://www.studiocalico.com/welcome?ref=11665fea