Sticker Haul – Etsy and Facebook

IMG_1586Since I got my Silhouette Portrait for Christmas I’ve felt buying stickers, rather than making my own, was a bit indulgent. However I decided to have a real sticker splurge towards the end of April.

I ordered from 5 different Etsy stores and one Facebook shop. I’d like to buy from UK/EU sellers rather than the US but I find any savings in postage can often be offset by the more expensive cost of the stickers themselves, perhaps because of the higher cost of materials here.


First up Oh Hello Stationery. I remember watching the store owner’s Youtube video (although I’ve forgotten her channel name) and thought her stickers looked like they were good quality.

IMG_1589And I was right, they are very good quality, the colours are vibrant and the cut is precise. Unfortunately because they were posted in a standard envelope the To Do List stickers did get bent but the store owner replaced them, so good customer service. Postage to UK started at around £2 and I would order again.


I also bought from Planner Frenzy because the store gave a lot of stickers on the sheet for the price.


I bought the June, July and August Erin Condren co-ordinating sets and some nail polish stickers. The cut was off with the nail polish stickers but the store owner sent me replacements, so good customer service. Unfortunately I later discovered (in June when I came to use them) that the cut is off for some of the functional stickers as well. I think there may be some quality control issues to resolve and coupled with the relatively high cost of postage (just under £5) I wouldn’t place another order.


Finally from the US I ordered from Stickers Washi and More. Now I’ll be honest and admit the only reason I ordered was because the store had a 50% discount at the time.


I think the stickers are quite expensive for the paper quality and amount you get but the artwork is lovely and with a discount it does become very good value too. Postage to the UK starts at £2.26. I would order again, with another discount code.


I ordered from Daria is the Reason 4 which is now DreamBig and Plan.

IMG_1596The store offers a large number of stickers for the price which makes it good value. The colours were a little more muted than I expected and one of the reasons I buy stickers is because my printer doesn’t print in high quality. Some of the cuts were also a little jagged. However the new store seems to have improved quality and with postage starting at £1 in the UK (from £2 to the US) I may order more.


Lastly from Etsy I bought from EllieBeth Designs UK.


I was attracted by the vibrant colours and the reasonable amount of stickers for the price, although I do think the monthly kits are on the pricey side. I particularly like the rainbow checklist stickers because they give a gap between the check circles so you can use more than one line per task. Postage in the UK starts at 90p and to the US from £3.40. The stickers are good quality with a precise cut and I believe more options on the paper quality are being introduced. If I didn’t have a sticker maker I would definitely buy from here again.


A reason I avoid buying stickers from Etsy stores is I feel I could make the majority of stickers myself with similar icons from This is not the case from my last purchase, the Plump Planner on Facebook, a store I know I will differently reorder from.

Plump PlannerThe stickers can come in different sizes so for example, you can get up to 112 10mm stickers per sheet. (I think it’s currently £1.50 per sheet). There are hundreds of icons to choose from and you can mix and match which icons you want on a sheet. I like the original designs and there is definitely the cuteness factor. The sticker quality is good. The only down side is specifying which icon you want – which you have to do by name, for example flea/dog. Having an identifier, even something as simple as a number, for each icon would help in the ordering process, I think. However the owner is very approachable and incredibly helpful. I’m not sure whether she posts outside the UK though.


So that’s my mega sticker haul. It’s been hard to go back to my Silhouette but my daughter wants some stickers and I’ll be upgrading my printer soon so hopefully my quality will improve too – although they’ll never be good enough to sell, don’t worry.