Inkwell Press Unboxing

Inkwell Press don’t usually ship internationally, but a couple of weeks ago they were running a trial to gauge interest. Shipping was $50 (although they are hoping to reduce this if they do offer international shipping in the future) but they had discounted the planner to $20 and you could order a couple of other products for the same shipping fee.

In this video I give you my initial thoughts as I unbox the planner and other purchases.


Once I’ve had a chance to use the planner and do some pen tests, I will give a full review on my blog Ru Undiluted (because that’s where I’ve moved all my planner reviews).

Milly’s Emporium Stationery Box

I am always on the look out for stationery subscriptions or kits, but there always seems to be some small problem with most subscriptions, even if that problem is the kit sells out too fast.

I found a stationery box on Etsy – Milly’s Emporium. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the store doesn’t seem to exist anyone, particularly judging by the contents of the “box”. The description made the box sound so attractive with 10 items presented in a cute tin and you could choose a theme or go for a general box.

I got a jiffy bag with items randomly thrown in, no card or explanation and definitely no tin. In fact I’m only assuming this is the box I paid for since there was absolutely nothing to indicate it was from Milly’s Emporium apart from the return location on the packet.

IMG_1512How disappointing! So still continuing the search for cute stationery subscriptions.