Stationery Haul

Stationery can be quite insidious. Because they’re usually not the largest items, you can sometimes buy a lot without realising. Or maybe that’s just my excuse.

I’ve decided to share some of my purchases over the last 6 weeks. Starting with an order from Erin Condren.


I bought the Functional Family notepad because I’m trying to encourage my family to use planners and calendars rather than always coming to me for what’s on. The Functional family set also comes with a list pad but mine was printed with the wrong initial (luckily it was my sister’s initial so she got an unexpected present). I also bought a desk pad because, despite having loads of notepads, I’m always looking for scraps of paper to jot things down. I’m also trying to move away from the need to have a weekly calendar always open on my desk so I’m hoping one of these options may help. As a bonus, this was my 10th order so I got a $50 coupon.


In a similar vein, I wanted to try some of the “productivity” stationery from John Lewis. Of course, these are the perfect size to get lost on my desk so I’m not sure how far they’ll aid my productivity. They’re very cute though.


I don’t know why I bought these whiteboards and A5 documents wallets. Perhaps because they were a £1 at Poundland. My daughter has co-opted one of the whiteboards now.

I have been having so much fun making planner stickers with my Silhouette machine, I decided to try the stamping starter kit and also try my hand at using vinyl. Of course, now I have no idea what stamps I should make.

IMG_0224And speaking of stickers, I’ve been trying to find a way to organise my functional stickers to make them easy to access when I’m planning.


I bought these A5 pockets from some art store and so far they’re working well. The TAB punch was on clearance…

I went to McArthurglen Outlet in Swindon and had to pop in to The Works and Paperchase. Not a huge amount on offer in Paperchase but I didn’t come home completely empty handed.


And finally I went to Staples because I wanted to get the Portable Personal Hole Punch.


I didn’t realise they did such cute stickers. I really don’t know how to explain the Arc notebook, part of me is thinking about selling my entire stash but the other part keeps on wanted to give it another chance.

Now that should really hold me at bay for stationery shopping for a while, but I do want to buy stickers from some UK/Europe based Etsy-type stores so watch this space…