Planner Review – First Look at the Passion Planner


I first heard of the Passion Planner on a Kickstarter campaign. I was intrigued by the concept so I backed the project.

The Passion Planner comes in black. It’s made of faux leather and has 100gsm paper. I think it’s decent quality for its price. At the time it was available in both Classic (A4 ish) and Compact (A5 ish) size but it looks like the Classic has sold out.

At the front of the planner are the pages to help you set goals and create your first passion plan.


The instructions are simple to follow and explain how the passion plans feed into the rest of the planner. However, one failing here is that there is only space to create one passion plan. Although there are note pages and spaces throughout the planner, I would have liked a couple of empty pages at the beginning to create all my passion plans and have them in one easily accessible place.

The Passion Planner is set up for both work and personal life so that everything is in one place.

For example on the monthly layout there is a section to specify the month’s focus and space to write out priority projects both personal and work.


There are decent sized boxes for each day. There is also a box on the side “Monthly Check-In” which continues to feed in the passion roadmap to populate steps and deadlines for the month.


The weekly layout has the week in a vertical layout with times from 6.00am to 11pm. The week starts on Sunday although there is an undated version with the option of a Monday start available.

At the top of each day is a box to highlight that day’s focus. The side has a box for the week’s focus and underneath that it has a box for Good Things That Happened. I do like the idea of reflecting on the week but I think this comes across as quite insipid and I would have expected to see the box underneath the Saturday column rather than at the start of the week.

There are also separate personal and work To-Do lists with 4 lines for Top Priority, 5 lines for Priority and 5 lines for Errands. I think the Errand section is unnecessary, possibly because I have never run an errand for work.

At the end of the month are two lined note pages. From February onwards the monthly layout is followed by a monthly reflection section. IMG_0133

To me it would have made more sense to have these pages at the end of the month before the notes pages; so you can reflect before deciding the focus for the following month.

Much as I love the concept, I just can’t get this planner to work for me, and it’s not just because of the Sunday start. Even though I don’t work I was able to adapt the work section to other areas of my life. I think the weakness in this planner is it’s very much an individual’s planner and not set up for families at all. I need to be able to see where my children and husband have events even though they don’t involve me, and I don’t feel the layout allows for this sufficiently. If I need a separate calendar for family then this stops being a one place for everything planner.

I may use the planner occasionally when I have a particularly scheduled week, but in the long run I don’t think it’s going to work for me.

New Additions

Last month I added to my collection.

First off a Smythson and Mulberry. These were both being sold on a Facebook group and husband was very generous and bought them for my Valentine’s gift.

IMG_1438The Smythson is very stiff but the colour stops it being too formal. The Mulberry is beautiful to hold. The only thing that puts me off using it is the rings are spaced like a personal Filofax rather than an A5 so I couldn’t transfer papers easily.

At the same time I also got this gorgeous Gillio Compagna in the A5 size. This is the epoca in purple and cream.


I do have some Gillios but they’re in the personal size and I’ve dreamt of having an A5 compagna in purple epoca, so I was overjoyed when this was being offered in the Facebook group. I’ve moved into it straight away, yes my Finchleys have been bumped from my number one spot.

And speaking of Finchleys, I haven’t really been actively searching to complete my collection recently but, when I did decide to check Ebay on the off-chance, these two popped up.


I can’t believe I found the personal teal Finchley at a reasonable price. I also can’t believe they didn’t make the teal in A5 size. What a loss!

At the same time the teal Finchley was on sale there was a personal in vintage rose but it was already over how much I’d be prepared to pay for a Finchley, let alone one in vintage rose, so I let it pass. Then the next day I popped back on and saw the pocket vintage rose. It was at a low amount with 5 days to go so I decided to bid. At that point I realised the low amount was a Buy it Now price. Nice!

So now I’m looking for a mustard personal Finchley. Once I’ve bought that I’ll call off the search and have an unfinished collection. However, if in the meantime, a personal and mini vintage rose are to be had for a reasonable price I won’t say no. The race is on!