Brimbles Box – February A5 Planner Box

When I heard Linky’s Dream was stopping her stationery subscription boxes I knew I’d have to find something to fill the void. Mrs Brimbles stepped into the breach.

The Brimbles Box comes as a monthly subscription for £15+p&p each month or you can buy a one-off box for £18+p&p. I decided to go for the one-off option. The Brimbles box also offers options depending on whether you want planner items or simply stationery.


I received a largish box and this was loose inside. Luckily none of the items were particularly fragile but I wasn’t impressed with the packaging.

Inside the paper


were 8 items. Obviously since this was the February box it was Valentine’s themed.MrsBrmSo I got

  • a pink pen with pink ink
  • macron pencil erasers
  • sticky notes
  • some stickers
  • love washi
  • heart shaped corrector tape
  • snoopy planner charm
  • a dashboard

I understand that all the Brimbles Boxes contain the same items although there may be variations in the style of dashboard.

Cute items but nothing too exciting.

The website says the RRP for the box is £22.48. If you chose the stationery box instead of the planner box the RRP is £19.98. With postage my box was £21.95 so obviously we aren’t talking about a great value for money box. Of course you would make some savings if you bought the monthly subscription but not enough in my opinion.

Out of the 8 items I received only 1 was something I would have bought myself, although stickers and sticky notes are always good to add to the collection. Based on this experience I definitely don’t intend to join the monthly subscription. I may keep my eye on the boxes as the contents are revealed to see whether having the ‘curated’ items would be worth it, but otherwise I’ll be giving the Brimbles Box a miss.

So still searching for subscription boxes…