My Favourite Filofax Organisers

I did a ‘show and tell’ kind of video showing my favourite Filofax organisers, which are Finchley, the Original, Finsbury and Malden.

In my video I didn’t cover affordability or availability because that’s quite complicated. I’m mainly going to cover the A5 size because, to be honest, I haven’t looked into the other sizes/models in much depth.

The simplest is the Finchley range. This is a completely discontinued range although you may find some stock lurking on shelves somewhere. They do appear on ebay quite a lot if you keep your eyes peeled. Obviously because they’re discontinued the market determines the price you pay. I, however, have only paid retail price for 2 of my Finchleys. The rest have been considerably under retail so bargains are still to be had. Having said that, I’ve seen the Vintage Rose and Teal (personal-size) Finchleys sell for quite a high amount.

Most of the Original range is still available, although it looks like the Yellow and Green may be discontinued. As I understand it, the navy Original was not available in the UK and the monochrome was not available in the US. The metallics were released this summer but seem hard to find. But ebay could be your friend again here. A lot of stores do sell Originals online for a lot less than’s retail price (£80 for the A5).

It seems like only the Purple and Ochre Maldens are still being made (in A5 at least). The Maldens seem to be very popular so the market prices are usually quite high – well above retail, even second hand. If you want to buy a brand new Aqua or Vintage Pink – good luck!

Finally the Finsbury range. The Black, Raspberry, Electric Blue and Cherry colours are still readily available and can be found online for less than’s retail price (£80 for the A5). The others can be found on ebay occasionally and the market for these depends on the price. I’ve bought the grey and tangerine/orange in EUC for much less than RRP.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Linky’s stationery subscription box – November 2014

I received my Linky’s box at the end of October and this one was even more amazing than before



Firstly, everything that was loose in the box.


My daughter may want an A5 Filofax just to have the moustache flyleaf.

And then I got so many beautifully wrapped parcels this month

IMG_1106IMG_1110What I love about my Linky boxes is I always receive some items I’ve never seen before, like the cat flags where you construct the box! The writing pad with 300 sticky notes is gorgeous and would make a lovely gift, although I’m keeping mine!

Unfortunately there don’t appear to be any more Linky’s boxes available so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for future months and can’t wait to see what will arrive in my December box.