Filofax Collection: Finchleys

I think Finchley is my favourite range, the leather is gorgeous and the stitching is beautiful. They’re hardy yet supple. In April I owned 4, but I was seriously thinking about selling my red personal.











Then something happened, and instead my collection grew



I have the full sets of the black, red and chocolate.







My favourites are the soft jade and imperial purple.







I also have some bags in the soft jade










And then I have a few incomplete sets



I’m missing the personals in mustard, teal and vintage rose, the pocket in vintage rose and the minis in vintage rose and caramel






And here’s the problem – I really don’t like the vintage rose Finchley. Really don’t. To the extent that, on the rare occasions one comes up for sale, I can’t bring myself to spend money on it. I’ve only paid retail price for two of my Finchleys (which is amazing considering these are discontinued) so I guess there’s always a chance I could get the vintage roses for a price I’d be willing to pay, but it would have to be pretty low.

So what do I do?

Do I stop trying to get the others because I know I’m unlikely to ever have a complete set? I really would love the teal and mustard personals though.

In the grand scheme of things this isn’t the greatest dilemma, I know.

In case you’re interested I’m currently using my mustard A5 and just switched out of the jade green. Last year I was using the imperial purple in the winter but may alternate between that and the caramel.



Linky’s stationery subscription Box – October 2014

I’m excited to share my October Linkys box and this one doesn’t disappoint.

IMG_0985 IMG_0986








The boxes always come beautifully packaged and filled to the brim.









Loose in the box was some washi, note papers, a butterful hole punch and lots of bits and bobs including sweets.

Then as usual there were 5 wrapped parcels.
















I love the elephant pencil case! I’ve just joined a penpal project so the writing paper will come in handy. I love getting good quality pens and the notebook is beautiful but I may gift this as a stocking stuffer because I have so many.

I can’t wait to receive my November box.

Planner Review – First look at Emily Ley Simplified Planner Daily Edition 2015


Emily Ley Simplified Planners come in a daily version and weekly edition – specifics from the website are at the bottom of the post. There is a choice of cover but the planner isn’t customisable. They do ship internationally but shipping is expensive. However there is a UK stockist of the daily edition LoveLili-Lifestyle. Luckily I realised this before I pressed checkout on the Emily Ley website.

Obviously this planner is intended to be used as someone’s main planner (although that’s not the reason I bought it) so I’m going to review it that way.

Inside the planner –

After an introduction from Emily Ley there are 2 pages explaining the process of simplifying and how to use the simplified planner. I’m not sure what level of intelligence these pages are aimed at but I thought this was fairly patronising.


Following that there is a year at a glance and a 2015 Bucket list


I quite like the idea of the Bucket List but I would need something separate for goal planning. It also seems like a To Do list rather than allowing for aspirational or motivational aims. I’m also not sure a Bucket List concept is appropriate for all work settings.

Each month has a tab and there is a monthly view on 2 pages with space for notes which is lovely.


Then we have the daily pages


Except of course, the weekend gets to share a page


And it’s actually this set up which confuses me. I just don’t get who this planner is intended for.

It’s a large, heavy, stiff planner so it’s not going to be great from a mobilty perspective. To me this means it’s unlikely to be useful for transporting between home and work regularly.

On the left side of the page is the schedule which runs from 7am-7pm. There’s a small amount of space before 7am but there really isn’t much space after 7pm for people with evening appointments. There is a lot of space to write in appointments and this would also be great if you like to allot a time to your To Dos. The To Do space has enough lines for 12 To Dos but you would need to work out a way of prioritising your list. The note space is useful but I would prefer a larger space.

Finally on the page is a large space for Dinner. If I were using this planner for work I would use this space for more notes because I see no reason for my work colleagues to see what I plan to eat that evening. But the existence of this section makes me feel this planner isn’t aimed at being used solely for personal use or work outside the home.

As mentioned, Saturday and Sunday share a page, making this planner unhelpful for anyone who works over the weekend. It also isn’t suitable for people with lots of activities to juggle at the weekend because the schedule is broken into am, lunch and pm rather than having hourly slots. The Sunday notes section is replaced by a weekly prep which I find incredibly annoying.

IMG_1044 - Version 2

Each page has a quote although I’m slightly surprised that some of these quotes are from Emily Ley herself.


I’m pretty sure the sentiment of doing what matters didn’t originate with Emily Ley. I’m also not fond of religious quotes when they only come from one religious book – unless you’re specifically making your planner for that religion.

The Simplified Life Planner has a very simple layout which will appeal to some but doesn’t present much scope for those who decorate. The paper quality feels good and it says pens won’t bleed through. It feels durable but users are warned against bending the cover back which I find essential for writing in a spiral-bound book

Like all planners, I’m sure it could be adapted to suit someone’s needs but as it is, it isn’t useful for me in my current situation as SAHM of school-aged children or for when I return to work.

I think this planner would be perfect for someone who predominantly works at home or for themselves, has very young children (with no activities after 7pm) and little to no events in the late evening or weekends.

I personally will not be using this planner.

From website –

 9 x 10 inches
•  January – December 2015
•  Thick white pages (pens won’t bleed!)
•  WEEKLY pages + full month views
•  Inspirational quotes on month views
•  Hard, durable cover with gold foil detailing
•  Protective gold corners
•  Pocket inside the front cover
•  Gold elastic band to hold your planner closed
Each page features four simple, purposeful spaces: Today (7am-7pm schedule), To-do, Notes and Dinner — everything busy, intentional women need – and nothing more.