Inside my Erin Condren Life Planner

At $50 for a basic planner, Erin Condren Life Planners are not cheap, particularly when you’re paying $40 on top just to ship it to the UK. But they’re beautiful and an absolute joy to use.

I keep hearing they’re fully customisable, but that’s not really true. You can customise the front and back covers (but only in the classic versions) but as far as I can tell everything else within the planner comes in a standard format. Yes, you can buy extras like pens and stickers but if add-ons make something “fully customisable” then pretty much every bog standard notebook I’ve bought fits into that description.

Anyway onto how I use my planner. I use it for blog/social media, writing, LLM, voluntary work, exercise and menu planning rather than my daily to do planner. I originally bought it for these activities but I thought I’d be supplementing with a daily docket so there are some holidays etc recorded in. (I now use my Filofax for daily tasks.)

I use the monthly pages as a blog/Youtube scheduler. The stickers come with the planner and each colour represents one of my blogs with brown stickers being my Youtube channel. I currently have set days for each blog.

IMG_0503Once I’ve posted, I write the name of the post on the sticker and if I’m late publishing I add the date I published as well.  I also include appointments relating to the other activities so orange is for voluntary work and red is for writing.

Yes, I do colour code in this planner.

IMG_0505I use the top section for LLM, exercise and voluntary work. I use the middle section for blogs and Youtube and I use the bottom section for writing. I did try using washi tape to cover the “morning”, “day” and “night” lines but I don’t find it necessary since I know what the sections are for and I don’t think I’m likely to get confused and think I have to study in the morning, blog in the afternoon and write in the evening. I currently use the bottom of the page for menu planning but I’m thinking about moving that to my Filofax.

At the front of the planner is a perpetual calendar which is meant to be used for birthdays and anniversaries. I use these pages to note down post ideas. I got the idea from someone on Youtube. I’ve got ideas for posts until the end of April and in March I’ll start planning for the next few months. I then use these ideas to plan in more detail on the weekly pages.


Even though I blog for fun, I wanted to make sure I had enough posts to offer them on a regular schedule. I’m not going to post daily on any blog but I know I have enough content for a weekly post. I’m not great at getting the reviews up for my book blog so I may move that to an every-other-week or twice a month schedule.

Near the back of the planner is a Keep It Together folder and I use this to keep two notebooks, one for writing and one for blogs where I flesh out ideas more fully. I got these notebooks for half price from Paperchase.IMG_0513

So do I love my planner? Absolutely. Do I think it’s worth the money? Even with shipping costs I really think it is. But it’s only February so who knows…

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