Planning for 2014 – Part 2 Potential Planners

This post may be out of date within hours of it being published since I’ve spent the last few days tweaking and reworking my planning set up for 2014.

I started thinking about this year’s planner set up in November 2013. I thought seriously about what my planning needs were and how I could best find a system that met those needs.

Not really.

I have lusted after Erin Condren Life Planners for a couple of years but I thought they were just too expensive for a planner that probably wouldn’t meet all my needs. So I bought a cheap colourful planner with a similar layout from an Etsy shop printed it and put it in an A5 ARC.

IMG_0408 IMG_0416 IMG_0424

Only it was clear almost immediately that the planner wouldn’t work out because there wasn’t enough writing space (could be an issue with my printer though).

At this point I did start thinking about what I’d be using my planners for. Function was about to prevail over form. Basically I needed

  • a daily to do list
  • a strategic/long-term project planner
  • a weekly scheduler to cover blogs, studying, exercise, meal planning and writing

My initial thoughts were I could continue to use the daily dockets for my to do list and A4 ARC for my project planning, even though the latter wasn’t really working for me at all. So what I really needed was something to use as a weekly scheduler.

My mind kept going back to the Erin Condren planner and I realised although it may be a lot of money for a planner, with shipping to the UK costing almost as much as the planner itself, I could afford it from my personal budget and it was worth trying it out (otherwise I would always wonder whether it was as lovely as it seems). So I placed an order. Yes there was a financial risk if it wouldn’t meet my needs but this wasn’t an impulse buy.


I’m thinking about doing a separate blog post or video about how I’m using this planner but basically on the monthly overview pages I use a blank sticker to represent a scheduled blog post (blue – readwritereview; pink – cleanseandtone and purple is this blog) and I use the weekly planner to record the proposed post topics and other stuff.

I thought I’d continue to use my daily dockets but make them A5 size and insert in my EC planner as needed but it didn’t give me scope for much forward planning.

UncalendarI then bought the Uncalendar thinking it would be better to have daily to do lists in one planner rather than using loose sheets but after a while I realised using 3 planners seemed a tad unnecessary.

Early this year I got a real hankering to use a Filofax again. I don’t know why. Last year I fell out of love with them a bit but I started watching Filofax setup videos on YouTube and knew I needed a Filo back in my life. So once again function was going to have to follow form.

Since the A4 ARC hadn’t worked out, I decided to try using my A5 mustard Finchley as my project/task planner and use the daily dockets in the same binder to record my daily to dos.

IMG_0446IMG_0268 IMG_0443

and since then,, using my EC planner for weekly scheduling and my Filofax for daily to dos and strategic planning has remained constant. I also use a notebook to supplement both planners.

However the exact Filofax and the way I’m doing my daily planning keeps changing and I’m currently on incarnation number 4. If I ever use the same set up for more than a couple of weeks I may do a post on my Filo setup too.