Filo Finds

I can’t remember when I bought my first Filofax. I know I’ve bought a few over the years, mostly pre-kidlings. Then when life got too busy for me to be organised my Filos fell into disuse. But I knew they were in my house somewhere…



My first filo find was the Knightsbridge personal (see previous post). I found this doing a mini declutter.

A few weeks later I found an A5 brown Domino



Then a couple of days after that I found this beauty




The strange thing is I didn’t find these two in piles of clutter. Each time they were lying on the floor when I walked into my Family Room. It’s almost as if the Borrowers realised I’d rediscovered my Filo love and were returning their spoils to me (although I’d love to know what use the Borrowers found for the Filos).

Finding the jade Finchley struck a chord and checking my handbag collection I found that I did indeed have a couple of Filo bags.



Before going on holiday I needed to change my purse for a smaller one for travelling and in my collection I came across this one which feels very Cross/Classicesque.


I have no idea what style it is though

A few days ago when walking past a shelf in my bedroom, this caught my eye


I think I must have used this for work or study in the long distant past but I’ve immediately swapped my A4 Metropol work filo for this. It’s a little the worse for wear but still lovely.

And finally (I hope), just yesterday when I was trying to find a notebook I came across this



I was obviously using this to jot down plots and story ideas but must have got out of the habit. Now it’s a gorgeous little Filo, but I’ve already set up my personal Chameleon as my creative writing Filo and can’t see any reason to change.

So there you have it. I have quite the collection of Filofax products. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Perhaps I really should sell some, either on Ebay or through Philofaxy but at the moment that just seems like an extra To Do I can do without.

I wonder whether there’s a record for the largest number of Filofax products. It could be worth attempting…