How I’m using my Filofax Luxe

Even I admit my Luxe was a rather expensive impulse purchase

Initially I thought it could work as my general planner but unfortunately the rings are just too small.

So I’ve set it up as a binder for book and film reviews

To make this front sheet I used clipart and graphics on A4 100g paper which I cut to A5 and laminated
At the beginning I have a list of the Telegraph 100 books to read

I then used the book review file from the Philofaxy blog to make the inserts

The covered Today ruler acts as a divider between book reviews and film reviews

I like this washi tape. It says “the surroundings become serene in deep silence and I enjoy my own time

For the film reviews I made some tweaks to the book review file

so I’ve got Director, Actor/Actress, Date.

I have two sets of Filofax A-Z dividers where I’ll file the reviews once completed. At the moment I’m thinking I’ll file by title for films and by author for books but if I get really adventurous I may file the films by director.



Unexpected find

Sorting through one of my filing cabinets I came across my first Filo rediscovery.

Personal Knightsbridge

It’s a little scuffed and could do with some real TLC. I’ve googled caring for lambskin leather and I’ve seen suggestions for using cornstarch on stains. Sounds a little weird to me so I’m going to take it down to the leather repair shop this week and get their advice (another thing to add to my to do list).

Funny thing is I have absolutely no memory of buying this Filo but there was a 2008 diary so I was using it as little as 4 years ago. I currently can’t envisage any use for it so it’ll go on my shelf until I decide whether to start selling some of the collection.

Oh dear…

and I mean that financially.

I stepped into a well known London store that sells Filofax products last week. I wanted to pick up some clear plastic envelopes and see the Chameleon organisers up close and personal.

One of the sale items was this lovely wine Holborn zip.


Now I’ve wanted a zip Filo for a while so obviously it had to go home with me. Fickle creature that I am, despite my declarations of love for the Malden, this zip has become my handbag Filo.

As I browsed the shelves one particular item caught my eye, and refused to let it go.


the absolutely gorgeous red A5 Luxe. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was at a very slightly reduced price but I couldn’t resist anyway.

I expected this would be my final Filo purchase but…


this little beauty was on Filo Fr so it made its way across the channel to me and arrived yesterday.

I really hope my collection’s complete now. I almost have all my “working” Filos set up, which leaves around 10 Filos left languishing on my shelf.